If you can be a shadow of your best friend in his or her hard times by comforting and motivating, you will be the shining star in their entire life for sure. It does not matter which situation it is; sometimes, it might be a silly circumstance that your best friend is suffering a lot. However, the person might be in a huge disappointment and struggle to overcome many obstacles. At that moment, you can motivate your friend, not with immense effort, but with a tiny cute little action that may cure everything. Let us look at how you can motivate your friend.

1. First of all, listen carefully.

Your friend might be disappointed due to many circumstances like their job, studies, physical appearance, illness, family and relationship, etc. No matter what kind of difficulty it is, you should listen to them carefully without commenting or disturbing them. Let them speak first and release their pain by expressing themselves.

2. Identify the real problem.

Always try to identify the real problem. Most of the time, the real issue might be their attitude and perspective. Sometimes the other people who directly engage with them express negativity on them. Secondly, you should identify your friend’s real obstacles and hardships.

3. Discuss with them.

Better communication is vital to motivate your friend in any situation. Perhaps, you may not be able to meet your friend and talk with them having a coffee. But you can text them; even you can call them and discuss. Here, your positive words are the key elements of motivation. Always talk positively, appreciate them, and understand that they deserve more.

4. Be a role model!

We all know that advising and instructing is not an effective method of motivating someone. Thus it applies to your best friend also. Do not instruct or advise them all the time. Do not try to manipulate or control them. Always be a role model. For example, if your friend needs to shape their body, you can work out with them. If they are lazy to study, you can do your studies with them. Likewise, be a role model. It is not mandatory to do the exact thing that your friend needs to do, but you can choose a similar thing to motivate your friend. The most significant action is to be with your friend.

5. Enjoy together!

Both of you can enjoy together. Just for a while, forget everything and every problem. You can go to a movie with your friend, even your favorite restaurant, to have a meal or coffee. Just talk about your friendship, your achievement, and your ambitions. If your friend needs a long break, you can even arrange a trip. Give them quality time to refresh and understand who they are.

Finally, it is not a hard thing to motivate your best friend. You only need to give your valuable time to them and have a steady rapport with proper communication.