Motivation is simply a mental status which can make remarkable changes in one’s life. But, the “change” will depend upon the nature of how you are going to motivate. That is why the science of improving motivation plays an immense role in successful life goals. So, it is clear that you should bear a certain tip in your mind to identify the level of motivation you are in. Otherwise, you will lose goals and expected outcomes even without the sense. Hence, we decided to have a look at how to be motivated for something and how can it affect our life. For that, we are going to use the most recent research findings and your engagement with us. We know, you are reading us just due to your motivation to know more about the secrets behind a successful and happy life.

3 Stages of the Science behind Improving Motivation!

Simply, we can not build up clear cuts about motivation and its results. It means the motivation to do something may depend upon your personal qualities and the force exerted by the external sources. Thus, when it comes to scientific explanation the experts have explained about three states of being motivated. Those are the,

  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Extrinsic motivation
  • Amotivation

So, let’s look at what all these mean and how to use the factors under these stages for positive outcomes.

What is intrinsic motivation?

When it comes to the science of improving motivation, intrinsic factors are important.  So, it simply means your personal interest. As an example, if you wanted to be happy, you will take actions for that. Sometimes, reading this piece of the content may be the first action you have taken. So, if you have intentionally searched for how to be happy it is the “interest”. Similarly, a student may start to work hard just to avail the enjoyment after scoring higher marks. So, this is also something personal. Thus, the interest, curiosity, desire and pleasure may be the intrinsic factors that may motivate you to avail certain life status.

The Science behind Extrinsic Motivation

We hope, now you may familiar with how personal interests works for the outcome. Similarly, external motivators can boost your interests to do something. Simply, if your father asks you to read this content and get summery for a price of paper, you will be motivated to read it until the end. Or else, if the teacher announces the criteria to offer valuable gifts for students who got more than 80 marks out of 100, the students will work hard. Actually, it is not just for their interests but to be eligible for the giveaway.

Amotivation and how to overcome it!

This is the worst stage of motivation. It means you do not have an intrinsic or extrinsic push towards success. So, you will stay blank. If you are also at this stage, you should seek help.

The things at last!

The science of improving motivation takes three stages on average. So, a person can motivate to do something due to intrinsic or extrinsic factor. Yet, there also can chance to be people with zero motivation. But, it is considered as the worst condition for one’s success. Thus, at this stage, they need some assistance.