In an effort to support the education of Sri Lankan children, President Ranil Wickremesinghe introduced the “Presidential Academic 
Scholarship Program 2024/2025.” This special scholarship initiative, launched through the President’s Fund, aims to provide financial 
assistance to 100,000 students from Grade 01 to Grade 11 across all 10,126 schools in the country.

The program is designed to annually award scholarships to one hundred thousand (100,000) students spanning from Grade 01 to Grade 11, 
covering all 10,126 schools in Sri Lanka. A total allocation of Rs. 3600 million has been designated from the President’s Fund to sustain 
this initiative.
Acknowledging the challenges posed by the current economic climate, President Wickremesinghe hopes this program will ensure uninterrupted education for deserving students, particularly those with limited resources. By investing in the country’s future generation, the initiative aims to nurture talented individuals and contribute to the 
development of Sri Lanka’s human capital.

Further details regarding the selection criteria and this program will be announced soon on the official Facebook page of the President’s