Motivation is simply to inspire someone or ourselves to do something or to adhere to the rules and regulation. So, this is a mandatory factor in the business set up, educational goals and to establish a common objective as any other organization. But, there should be different approaches to motivate people in various setups. So, we are to discuss how motivation in education leads to better learning outcomes. It means the teaching and learning consist of two parties. Often, it is the teacher and student. Even though these two parties are playing two different roles, it should meet certain goals at a point to be a successful project. Thus, experts have identified the following factors as the best plays to motivate both these parties. We hope it will be helpful for parents, teachers and caregivers to work towards better learning outcomes of the students.

4 Factors to Decide How much Powerful is the Motivation in Education!

The classroom setup

Nowadays, it is always recommending having a properly ventilated classroom. The basics of this setup are to allow easy access and giving freedom to work all around. Thus, the student eventually meets their relaxing and focused mind. Similarly, the teachers are also having enough space to play their role. But, if the space is limited, the teacher will not be comfortable in accessing each student. Hence, there are higher chances to break the focus of the lesson.

The nature of the practical access

Sometimes, we have seen the students are very much eager to explore practical things than theoretical facts. So, if the teacher could be able to arrange practical sessions to explain the deep subjective matters, it will become an extrinsic motivator for students. Thus, it says the well decorated and organised classroom can enhance the students’ engagement with the lesson.

The syllabus and the subject areas

This is another important motivating factor in education. Simply, what it means is, the interests of students are varying. So, one may not be interested in maths while one student is eager to learn it. But, most of the countries have set up the syllabus employing to share equal knowledge. Hence, we cannot refuse this system. Yet, we can suggest teachers carry on their lessons by thinking about each student.

The intrinsic motivators of the student

Yes! This is one of mandatory factor to establish a successful educational system. The trend for intrinsic motivators does not come randomly. It needs a strong push from external factors. But, these forces should not be hurts, discomfort or troubles. So, often, a positive speech or kind-hearted advice of parents may be the boosting factors of personal interests.

The things to remember!

Motivation in education is a vital factor when establishing future learning system. But, if your child is continuing the education in an institutional setup, all the four factors we discussed early are important. Yet, the trending homeschooling systems and the e-learning setups may need some additional motivators. We are ready to discuss all those through our future writings. Thus, you all are invited to engage with us for better learning outcomes!