The negativity will never be a factor to be a successful individual. That is why you should always motivate to work with a positive mindset. So, motivational interviewing is a strategy that describes withing the persons’ frame. Thus, in simple lines, this is a person-centred motivational method. The primary goal of this method is to gradually minimize the negative mindset. And, next, the interviewer should focus on to move for positivity. But, it is never suggesting giving orders, prolonged advice and ideas by the interviews. Hence, the interviewer has a specified pattern to ask the question of which is open for discussion. Finally, he should direct the person to have suggestions by himself.

The Motivational interviewing Questions for Open Discussion!

As we highlighted earlier, the interviewer should make sure to ask open questions for the client. That is how he should make changes towards self-decision making approaches of the client. As an example, if you wanted to know whether the person has satisfaction with his family life, you should ask in influencing manner to talk. Thus, rather for asking like “do you satisfy with your family life”, you may ask ” what is your point of view about relationship status?. So, the interviewee will feel comfortable to answer.

Thus, always remember to start your questions with “how can I help you to…”, ” could you please help me to understand…” And “What are your future plans” Etc.

5 Principles of Motivational Interviewing…

Always be empathetic and a good listener!

Simply, since you are going to motivate someone for a positive life change, you should build up a reflective discussion. Further, in the end, it is very much important to have an overall understanding of the personal and situational factors. So, the empathetic way of asking questions may influence the client to answer. Otherwise, they will never step forward to have an open discussion.

Gradually show up the possible mismatches of the present from the future hopes

If your client is not having a clear understanding of the factors affecting their hopes, there are higher chances to fail. So, you should be wise enough to arouse their curiosity through self-questioning to identify discrepancies. Thus, first, you must have a look at their negative thoughts and back draws which can keep them out of the track. Then only you can wisely direct them towards the correct way of thinking.

Avoid argument and conflicts

Arguments may always end up with unexpected breakages. Thus, disturbing questioning and conflicts may further harm for your clients’ motivation. So, you should not direct any aggressive or negotiating thoughts, questions towards your client.

Be familiar with the clients’ behaviour!

Any client will not intentionally participate in motivational interviewing unless they have proper guidance. So, you will have to face for many rejections within the discussion. But, you shouldn’t oppose their behaviours as it can keep them mute throughout the discussion. Thus, it is mostly recommending adjusting for their thoughts.

Support for positiveness

The interviewer also should bear the responsibility to always deliver positive thoughts. And, if the client ends up with doubts and disappointments, you should be able to direct him back for the right path.