President Ranil Wickremesinghe has issued instructions to ensure the effective execution of the “Aswasuma” social welfare initiative, aiming to leave no one behind. Those who were unable to register previously would be given the opportunity to do so during the month of August. Additionally, provisions have been put in place to allow the submission of written appeals & objections until July 10.

Those whose names were not included in the benefits list can visit the website and submit their objections by filling the form mentioned there. Government is expect to prepare the final list of social welfare benefits candidates after the appeal period ends. The list of names that has been made public is by no means the final list.

Appeals Sinhala Language Download PDF – via Welfare Benefits Boards Website.

Appeals Tamil Language Download PDF – via Welfare Benefits Boards Website.

A Hotline 1924 established for further details or any complaints on relevant officials.

Aswesuma What We know So Far