Are you looking for preschool math activities? Then you are in the right place. Here I have collected some best and my favorite math activities for kids. Most importantly, I’m sharing them with you for free.

Also, Keep in mind that teaching math to preschoolers is fun. You will find a lot of daily activities that integrate mathematics. Moreover, you can get the help of them to teach math to preschoolers.

Also, it is better if kids can learn math through daily activities. It will help them to memorize them well in their mind.

Why is math essential in the early years

You all know that Math is a crucial part of learning for children as well as for others. Especially for children in their early years, they need to have a good foundation of math. If they receive a good grounding in math, it will help them in the long run. Also, math is an essential life skill.

Although math is so vital for kids, you will need to find a compelling way to teach them interactively. You may need to find a playful and engaging way to teach them math.

It’s important to use practical mathematical experiments when you teach math to preschoolers. It is valid for a group of preschoolers or even for 1 or 2 kids.

Introducing math to preschoolers will help them to develop their understanding skills and problem-solving skills.

Ok. Enough introductions. Here I have arranged a list of 5 best ways to teach math to preschoolers. These preschool math activities help them to learn and understand math problems easily.

5 Best Preschool Math Activities You Can Use in 2019

01. Sorting Activities for Preschoolers

Practically you know that preschoolers love to sort the things. In other words, It comes naturally to them. Asking them to sort objects gives toddlers a way to express and reflect what is happening in their world.

Start with simple tasks to introduce sorting to early students. For example, you can ask them to separate objects into a single category. Also, you can ask them to identify all the green objects, among other colors.

You can include additional classifications once toddlers feel more comfortable and confident with organizing and grouping.

You can ask them to separate round and square objects, among others. Also, you can ask preschoolers to separate blue color objects red color pieces.

That will be a good start point for preschool math activities.

02. Big and Small Preschool Math Activities for Kids

You will see that so many math activities that we do with the children are part of our day to day life. You can find so many things and ask the kids to sort or group them by size.

Preschoolers will be able to understand the difference by size and put them in groups according to size. They are even ready to list things by size.

For example, you can ask them to group shoes by size. Also, you can ask them to group their books by size.

03. Counting Preschool Math Activities for Toddlers

You will be able to find so many practical activities to do with children. You can find many things if you go outside of your classroom with children. For example, Counting leaves, counting petals, counting rocks, etc. Even you can look in their toy bin and tell them to count.

Once you see your students are interested in counting, you will not be able to stop them. Do not stop them.  Try to make counting natural and fun for the kids.

For another example, you can ask them to count snacks while eating them.

04. Shape Activities for Kids

You may not be aware that exercises that use shapes provide lots of learning opportunities for kids. Above all, teaching to identify shapes is one of the leading math concepts that preschoolers need to know.

They start to distinguish the different shapes and classify the items according to the shape. As a result, they will begin to learn the names of shapes and their characteristics. Eventually, they will start to find shapes in everyday objects.

05. Number Recognition Preschool Math ActivitiesThat is the last on my list.

As a teacher or a parent, you need to understand that this is one of the essential skills that you need to teach preschoolers. Therefore, you need to make them understand numbers and how to count.

When you use games to teach them understanding numbers, it will be fun to do.

For example, you can use an abacus to teach them counting numbers. You can tell them to count the number of doors in your house and record it on the abacus.

Certainly, that enhances the number recognition ability of a child and improves his counting skills.

As the last word, please keep this in your mind. However, do not force the preschoolers to learn math. Let them learn math with their day to day activities. Make preschool math activities a fun procedure rather than an annoying process.

In conclusion, you will see significant improvements to preschoolers.