No matter what is your social background and how you have availed the physical comforts, it is certain, you need to be happy. Isn’t it? But, happiness is not cheap enough to receive for everyone. It means it only accommodates in the hearts of kindness. Yet, we know, every human has a kind heart and the empathetic way of thinking. Thus, if you use happiness activities, exercises and tools in the correct manner, it is not a difficult task to avail the freedom of your life. Well, we have already identified three basic pathways to customise all these activities, exercise and tools to get a happy life. So, we hope, once completed the reading, you would be able to be happy in front of every challenge.

The Pathways to Customise Happiness Activities, Exercises and Tools?

The study done by Duckworth et all in 2005 has found that happiness can be depended upon three pathways. So, we are ready to introduce those pathways by staying in the middle of the findings and as a public influencer. As they highlight, these three methods are being happy or pleasure, satisfied engagements and meaningful objectives. Lets’ be ready to discuss all those through the simple guide given below.

Being Happy and Knowing What is Pleasant Life!

Pleasure is not an outcome of a single project. Thus, if you wanted to avail a pleasant life, it should be the expression of happiness throughout a period. So, we can define it as being positive during the past, present and even for the future. Though the present condition is experienced, the past of the pleasure is the satisfaction, serenity and the fulfilment. So, if you are clever enough in positive thinking, you must be able to build up a bridge to connect present and past with future through hopes, confidence and trust.

The Engagement and the Interpersonal Skills

The social and family background plays an immense role in ones’ happiness. Thus, being engaging with friends, family and at the workplace may offer pleasant moments. But, interpersonal skills and personal qualities are important here. Often, if a person can meet the expected objectives as groups, they will feel like engaged. And, the single or lack of social connections will make you unhappy and dissatisfies.

The truth is, anyone in the world is not ready to be alone. And, if they had to stay alone, it will be a disturbing situation for them. Thus, there will not be a space for happiness. That is why engagement is that such a powerful thing when deciding happiness activities, exercises and tools.

Meaningful objectives for a happy life

Yes! The third point is describing how your personal goals affect the future possibilities. It means that even though birth and death is common for all living beings, nature has gifted us a lifespan. Thus, we have to step across childhood, young ages and adulthood. So, what we are doing today should be beneficial for us or for anyone in the World as you expected. That is why happiness activities should be customised through a meaningful pathway.