As we know, happiness is something most important fact for humans. You may have heard of being happy may deliver you a lot of benefits than being sad and emotional. So, there is nothing to wonder about your intention to be happy. Yet, do you have heard about unhealthy happiness? Even though it seems a bit strange thing, already, there are many studies done on this matter. Often, they have tried to look at whether excessive happiness can end up with bad news.

Yes! A different kind of findings is there related to this matter. But, knowing all-around may help you to control the feeling of happiness which can even become a huge barrier for your personal development. Sometimes, you may feel this as same as to anger management and the mistakes related to excessive emotional changes. Yes! Often, you are correct, excessive happiness can give rise to some problems. Well, lets’ move on to the discussion to fund out more!

The Effects of Unhealthy Happiness…

Here are the three most important effects of unhealthy happiness. And, make sure, any of these will not offer you any benefits other than failures.

The overly happy people pay less attention

Once people become happy more than they expected, they pay poor attention even for the major challenges. Thus, it may become a disadvantage for them. Recent research done in 2008 regarding the kids’ performance over the happiness level have revealed certain important factors. As it explains, the kids who are too much happy are poor performing than the normal. Another research done by Gasper and Clore in 2002 is also supporting this fact.

So, the reason they are giving for this matter is the lack of attention and the poor results depend upon the mental status. It means happiness will let them think everything is ok. Hence, they are not ready to accept the things in doubt, and they usually tend to believe all the information they receive are correct and true. Further, they will not focus on one objective as they are already satisfied.

They do not hesitate or doubtful to accept risks!

As we explained earlier, happiness will create a positive person. So, they are reluctant to think things can be bad or unsuccessful. Thus, they eventually take more risky challenges without sense. But, this is one of the most serious and also the worst condition for happy people. It means these unexpected risks may ruin their all hopes and plans. Hence, gradually, the sadness will wrap throughout their lives.

And, a study was done in 2008 by Cyders & Smith also have shown the negativity behind happiness. As they highlight, happiness will influence people to try everything. So, they are easily prone to live out of the frame that says good. Thus, bad habits like alcoholism, smoking and sexual misconduct are common among such individuals. Sometimes, all these may end up with serious mental issues as well.

They are not creative enough as others

Even though the recent studies have shown the happy people are more creative than the general, this condition can be varied. So, the newest evidence suggests the excessive happiness can make your life more troublesome. Thus, people have lots of things to do within their frame. But, excessive comfort will never let them to work hard or to think. That is why the histories behind world-famous songs, dramas and cinemas are awful and sad. 

Further, happiness will gradually minimise problem-solving ability. Thus, they do not need to be deep thinkers or learners. Hence, they will never try to be creative.