Much awaited, much delayed, 2019 A/L exam Zscore cut-off marks released to Website is slow due to heavy web traffic. 2019 A/L exam Zscore cut-off marks released to but Website is slow due to heavy web traffic.

Zscore will release on Monday October 26, according to NewsFirst. A total of 41,500 candidates will be allowed to enter state universities, Sampath Amaratunga, the chair of the University Grants Commission told to NewsFirst. The university intake for degrees such as medicine and engineering has been increased this year, Amaratunga further said. Releasing Z Score cutoff marks delayed due to a lawsuit / case filed and due to coronavirus outbreak and limited staff at UGC. Z-score cutoff marks will be released to UGC official website .

Releasing Z Score cutoff marks delayed due to various reasons. According to UGC sources, releasing Zscore cutoff marks delayed due to a lawsuit. UGC is now consulting with Attorney General AG department’s advice over this matter. UGC earlier said they will release Cutoff marks October 1st week or before 2nd week.


In a case pending before the Supreme Court in relation to allocation of places for courses of study between the students who applied for University admission under New and Old Syllabi based on the results of the GCE (A/L) Examination held in 2019, a motion was filed by the Hon. Attorney General informing the decision of the University Grants Commission (UGC) in principle to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately due to lack of time, the matter was not listed this week. Therefore Hon. Attorney General took further steps to file another motion seeking to list the matter on 20.10.2020.

The cut off marks will be released thereafter.

The Chairman – University Grants Commission – 16.10.2020

Z score Cutoff marks based on 2019 A/L exam results delayed as several aptitude tests have not conducted and several aptitude tests results have not been released. According to the UGC sources all aptitude tests results should be released before releasing Zscore Cut off marks. Tests were delayed due to coronvirus outbreak.

According to the University Grants Commission UGC sources releasing Zscore cutoff marks and starting university entrance for new academic year will be delayed due to coronvirus outbreak. UGC sources say the delay is due month-long public service shutdown following curfew and less staff reporting to work as a safety measures. UGC has not yet announced the exact date of releasing Z-score. We “Lanka Education” will update the cut-off marks release dates in coming days once contacted the UGC officials.

Earlier Sri Lanka University Grants Commission UGC planned to release cut-off marks on 2020 June or July months and speed the university admission process. Release was delay due to sudden coronavirus outbreak, curfew, and safety regulations. UGC has not yet announced the exact date.

405 Engineering students are to be admitted to the universities of Peradeniya, Jayewardenepura, Jaffna, Ruhuna, Moratuwa and South Eastern engineering faculties from new academic year.

Government has taken a decision to increase the number of students admitted to medical faculties in government universities by 350 from new academic year.

Below listed Zscore Cutoff marks released dates during last 10 years. Only 2011 A/L exam’s Zscore releasing dragged to December month. In other years, it was released September month.

When 2019 / 2020 Z Score Cut-off marks release to UGC Website?

Year Cut Off Marks Released
2010 A/L May 27, 2011
2011 A/L December 28, 2012
2012 A/L November 9, 2013
2013 A/L September 6, 2014
2014 A/L October 6, 2015
2015 A/L September 20, 2016
2016 A/L June 6, 2017
2017 A/L July 26, 2018 
2018 A/L July 26, 2019
2019 A/L October 26, 2020*

*forecast data

Meanwhile Government planning to prepare a mechanism to admit students to universities within 6 months period after A/L exam results release, said earlier Minister Bandula Gunawardene. Currently it takes about one year to admit students to local universities.  

Academic activities of Medical & Engineering faculties will start 2020 December end. According to the reliable sources other faculties (Management, Science, Arts) will start from 2021 January to March 2021 period.

University Z Score Cut Off Marks to release 2020 October to

Minimum Z-scores for selection to courses of study of universities in respect of each district and detailed information of course selection based on the GCE (A/L) Examination in 2019 can be accessed through the following modes after release;

1. Websites

2. Call 1919 (Government Information Centre)

3. SMS to 1919

Format:  ugc <space> Index Number -> send to 1919

Example: ugc 2223322 ->send to 1919

4. Call UGC – 0112695301, 0112695302, 0112692357, 0112675854



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