Education Ministry has extended dates of certify university entrance applications from schools. Three extra dates allocated for above purpose. Ministry announced that school applicants, who qualified for 2019/2020 university entrance, would be able to certify their university admission applications from May 27 to 29 via schools. It said every principals, head of schools had been advised in this regard. The certifying of university admission application process had been stopped due to coronavirus pandemic in the country. The application certifications should be done by the Principals and the Vice Principals of schools following the health care procedures recommended by the Health authorities.

The deadline to accept applications for University Registration Admission for the Academic Year 2019/2020 will be June 2.

Universities will be reopened after evaluating the current situation says President’s Media Division. Higher Education Ministry has advised universities officials to discuss with UGC and take a decision over re-opening dates.

The deadline to accept applications for University Admission for the Academic Year 2019/2020 will be extended until two weeks after the re-opening of schools for the 2nd term. New deadline has not yet announced.

Earlier Sri Lanka University Grants Commission UGC has decided to extend university online registration and submitting campus handbook application till April 9. But due to ongoing curfew, students are unable to post their applications. “We are monitoring the situation, if curfew continuous, we will extend the deadline again” UGC Chairman told. Hence he requested students not to panic.

University Admission Handbook for the new 2019/2020 Academic year already released and deadline was earlier on March 26. Later it was extended to April 9th. The new deadline is two weeks after re-opening schools. As the coronavirus is spreading Sri Lanka, UGC and Higher Education Ministry has decided to extend the deadline time to time.

According to the Sri Lanka University Grants Commission UGC sources whole admission and students intake process will be delayed due to coronavirus outbreak. University admission applications are not yet taken. Universities are not yet reopen. Earlier UGC was planning to issue Z Score cut-off marks for the new academic year on June or July months. But with the coronavirus outbreak, curfew and lockdowns Z score Cut-off marks will not be able to release on time. UGC has not yet officially announced the exact date of releasing Z score “Kada Im Lakunu”.

2019 A/L exam based university z score cut-off marks for new academic year 2019/2020 will be delayed.

University Z Score Cut Off Marks to release to


  1. Deadline 1 කියන්න පුළුවන්නේ.අපි schoolsවලට ගිහින් sign කරගත්තා.post office ඇරලා.


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