United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative in Sri Lanka, Tim Sutton, commended Sri Lanka’s efforts taken to reopen schools safely amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, through a press release.

“We congratulate Sri Lanka for its effective response to the Coronavirus, as well as its achievement of being one of the first countries in South Asia to reopen schools during the pandemic,” the statement read.

Sutton stated, “Although education continued during school closures, we know that the best place for children to learn is in a safe school environment, with their friends and teachers.”

“However, the risk of COVID-19 remains, and that’s why our message is simple: follow these ‘7 new lessons’ from the new campaign and we can limit the spread of COVID-19 among children, teachers, parents, and communities and get back to learning,” he added.

“The ‘COVID-19: New Lessons in the New Term’ campaign is the latest phase in UNICEF’s ongoing support to the Government of Sri Lanka in response to COVID-19—that has also seen UNICEF procure essential medical items, support the development of safe school operation guidelines, promote ‘Water, Sanitation and Hygiene’ (WASH) facilities at schools, develop learning materials for home-based learning, support ‘catch up’ education; as well as provide expertise in the areas of health, nutrition, education, child protection, social policy, and communications,” the statement read.

“UNICEF will continue to work closely with the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure the safety and well-being of children and youth across the country during and after the COVID-19 pandemic,” Sutton stated.

Source – UNICEF -Sri Lanka

It is time for children to start to return to school, to friends and to learning.

But this new school term, we all have to learn 7 new lessons that will help to prevent COVID-19 and protect each other!

Follow these 7 lessons before, during and after school to help beat COVID-19:

  1. Always keep at least one-meter distance from each other.One meter
  2. Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after engaging in any activity.hand washing
  3. Cover your nose and mouth with a face mask when outside the classroom.Mask
  1. Sneeze or cough into your bent elbow or use a tissue and ensure that you dispose of the used tissue into a bin with lid immediately and wash your hands with soap.Tissue
  2. Keep all surfaces clean and sanitized regularly.sanitized
  3. If you or your child is  experiencing fever, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath, stay at home and consult a doctor.visit a doctor
  4. Do not discriminate against anyone because of the coronavirus. Let’s be kind and support each other to stay safe.do not discriminate


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