Update - 5 university students of Sri Jayewardenepura University arrested over the incident. Arrested students remanded till March 23. According to hospital sources, student is recovering gradually. One student to produce before Gangodawila court March 12. Mirihana police conducting further investigations.

Investigations have commenced to ascertain if the student who faced an accident during a party following an event held at the Sri Jayewardenepura University was based on ragging, or an unforeseen accident.

The Japura campus administration and the police are conducting separate investigations into the matter according to the minister of higher education, Dr. Bandula Gunawardena.

The student who faced the accident is currently receiving treatment at the ICU of the Colombo national hospital. According to hospital sources, student is getting recover now. The first year students of the faculty of management studies had organized an event on the 6th of March, marking the end of ragging which is known as the "bucket party". The event had ended at around 8.30 pm, and most of the students who had attended the event had left the premises.

However it has been reported that the students continued to have fun remaining at the location the event was held. During this, a Tyre which had been brought to the location had fallen on the students head and he had been admitted to the Colombo teaching hospital. Owing to the seriousness of his condition, he was transferred to the Colombo national hospital for further treatment.

The student who has been hospitalized following the incident, is a first year student of the management faculty residing in Gampaha.

The University Grants Commission UGC has called for an investigation after a freshman student at the Sri Jayewardenepura University was admitted to the Colombo National hospital last week with a serious head injury allegedly suffered during ragging.

Newsfirst quoted the Chairman of the University Grants Commission Professor Sampath Amaratunge as saying that an investigation will be conducted and the perpetrators punished.

The student, Pasindu Hirushan, is a high-achieving student who obtained 3 As in his A-level examination and was an all-rounder, his teachers at his school said in social media postings.

Hirushan, was a student at St. Peter’s College (Udugapola Branch) and according to these postings had been ragged by senior students around midnight on March 5.

The raggers had rolled a tractor tire at the freshmen, and Hirushan had been hit and collapsed immediately these postings said.

His family members have said that the student was on a respirator and a hospital spokesman was quoted as saying that he is in a critical condition.

Ragging of freshmen students has been a serious issue with thousands of students who qualified for university refusing to attend after inhuman torture.


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