Sri Lankan universities Non-academic staff launches strike action from September 10. About twenty five non-academic unions attached to 15 State Universities are due to join the strike.

Media secretary of the Federation says that the non-academic staff of all the universities will be on strike since they have not received a favorable response from the authorities regarding their salary issue. Still Ministry of Higher Education has not taken any steps to meet their demands.

Union leaders say government must bear responsibility for any losses caused by their trade union action.

Meanwhile, members of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service Union have decided to go on strike September 10 and the day after based on several demands including salary anomalies.

Several non-academic unions also planning a massive protest same day at opposite the Finance Ministry Colombo.

Salary issues

Unions are protesting the Government’s failure to address a longstanding salary anomaly created. They say the salary anomaly only affects non-academic staff at State Universities and charge that authorities failed to provide a solution, though they have been briefing them on the issue since 2016 itself.

Earlier August 28 and 29, non-academic staff of Sri Lanka‘s state universities launch a 48-hour strike demanding a salary increase.

Ministry of Higher Education stated that he has already requested a meeting with the Ministry of Finance over the matter.

Strike to continue

The union wants university employees’ salaries brought into line with other government employees. It also wants a proper pension scheme for non-academic workers and increases in incentive payments. Non-academic workers walked out on July 30 over the refusal of university authorities to discuss the JCUTU’s demands.

University non-academic staff will launch a continuous strike from September 10 onwards, if the Government fails to provide solutions to a longstanding salary anomaly, Unions warned.


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