Update – All schools to close another week. Schools reopening dates to announce later. Closure extended till July 24. Schools will be open for Grade 11, 12 & 13 on July 27 – Education Ministry. Crucial discussion over schools reopening, will be held today July 18. Sri Lanka schools to remain closed till General Election reports Daily Mirror. According to the newspaper, Health Ministry had recommended the Education Ministry to keep schools closed at least till August 5. Meanwhile some sources say schools will reopen on July 20. Final decision will be taken today or tomorrow at a meeting. Education officials are NOT yet confirm the re-opening dates.

Early this week, Schools closed as a precautionary measure Overall total of 2,687 Covid-19 patients as at last evening Schools earmarked for election work will be open for election officials Kandakadu transformed into a cluster spreading panic among all citizens
Schools across the country will remain closed untill the conclusion of the General Election next month as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 virus which has to date infected 492 patients from the Kandakadu cluster and reached an overall total of 2,687 patients till last evening.

Authoritative sources said that following discussions, the Health Ministry had recommended the Education Ministry to keep schools closed at least till August 5 during which time the general election will be complete and the virus spread will be well under control. A formal announcement by the Education Ministry will be made later today.

Schools which have been marked for election preparations will be open for election officials to carry out their work.

According to an earlier announcement by the Education Ministry, schools were closed immediately from July 13 to July 17, just weeks after it re-opened, after the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Centre transformed into a cluster, spreading panic among all citizens.

On July 13, Sri Lanka closes schools- All government schools closed from the July 13th to 17th of July. Government requested from Private schools, International Schools, Catholic private schools and Tuition Classes to close their institutions.

After 113 days, Sri Lanka opened schools on July 6 but recent increase of coronavirus positive cases pushed government to make the latest decision. Sri Lanka’s schools closed from March 18 due to the coronavirus epidemic but as government successfully tackled with no community spread since April 30, Education Ministry reopened schools from July 6.


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