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Mahapola Scholarship allowance to increase Rs. 7000


Sri Lanka government is considering to increase the Mahapola scholarship allowance up to Rs. 7000 according to Mahapola Fund Director. Currently students are only getting Rs. 5000 monthly allowance which is not sufficient to cover their expenses during university stay. Students’ union IUSF “Anthare” demanding from government to increase Mahapola allowance up to Rs. 10,000.

The Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship Trust Fund will be increased after the upcoming General Election , Minister of Higher Education Bandula Gunawardena said at a media briefing held at the Government Information Department. He added the government understands that there is a need to increase the payment made to students who are entitled to the Mahapola Scholarship.

Currently, the Mahapola Scholarship Trust Fund has Rs. 10.5 billion, he said. In addition to this, in response to the grievance from students claiming that they do not get the fund on time, the government has taken steps to make the payment on the 15th of every month commencing from January, 2020.

The University Grants Commission selects students for the scholarship that is awarded in two different bases as merit scholarship to students who scored high marks at the G.C.E Advanced Level Examination and an ordinary scholarship to students entering the universities from low-income families.

Buddhist monk helps to a Muslim girl for university education

Buddhist monk helps to a Muslim girl for university education
Buddhist monk helps to a Muslim girl for university education

The chief Buddhist monk of Rajamaha Vihara Temple in Muttur, has offered a monthly allowance to a Muslim girl who has been selected for the new university academic year 2019/2020 creating a religious Harmony Sri Lanka .

Fathima Musadhika who had topped the results of the GCE Advanced Level Examination 2019, selected for the university to follow a course in medicine.

Chief buddhist monk / incumbent Ven. Devinuwara Indra Thero had visited the family of the Musadhika with a package of gifts and had offered his congratulations and best wishes for the girl to pursue her studies in the university.

Musadhika belongs to a family of five, including her father and mother, Father, a brick maker by profession earns a living which barely enough for the daily upkeep of the family.

Her ambition in life is to become a doctor and serve the people irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Source – Colombo Times

Colombo University received first US Patent right

Colombo University got first USA Patent Certificate
Colombo University got first USA Patent Certificate Sri Lanka Campus News

A team of academics of the Colombo University Faculties of Science and Medicine received the first US Patent for their discovery of a compound that shows significant anti-cancer activities.

The team from UOC has discovered a compound extracted from the mushroom Fulviformes fastuosus to show significant anticancer activity against Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is an aggressive and highly malignant form of childhood cancer.

A patent-right is a form of intellectual property that gives its owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, selling and importing an invention for a limited period of years.

According to UOC the invention is pertinent to “A novel method to isolate a potent anticancer compound inoscavin A from a Sri Lankan terrestrial mushroom, Fulviformes fastuosus, to treat rhabdomyosarcoma cancer”.

This novel method can be effectively used for the preparation of any antitumor medicinal preparation using inoscavin A.

Colombo University received first USA Patent Certificate Colombo Campus

The uniqueness of this compound, Inoscavin A, is that:

  1. It is active at nanogram levels where the control drug was active at mg levels
  2. Non-detectable toxicity to normal cells

The teams’ future plan is to embark on new areas of Biotechnology research based on natural product and anticancer research that are relevant to the development of the industrial base in Sri Lanka within an internationally competitive landscape.

Source – CMB

Nuwara Eliya to get University -Minister

Government planning to setup university in Nuwara Eliya
Sri Lanka Forestry Institute University Nuwara Eliya Sandathenna Moon Plain

Sri Lanka Government is planning to setup a university in Nuwara Eliya and another university in Diyathalawa area.

University Diyathalawa Sri Lanka Campus Institute of Surveying and Mapping

Higher Education Minister Bandula Gunawardena said the Sri Lanka Forestry Institute in the picturesque location of Sandathenna in the NuwaraEliya district would be developed as a fully-fledged campus offering courses for both local and foreign students.

He told that he visited the institute recently and explored the possibility of elevating it to the status of a university and that a separate campus would be set up in the Nuwara-Eliya district on a block of land belonging to Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

“Ceylon Workers Congress leader, Minister Arumugam Thondaman requested President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to set up a university in NuwaraEliya but instead our government will set up two in the district,” the higher education minister said.

He said the Mapping and Surveying Institute in Diyatalawa would be upgraded as a fully-fledged university assisted by the Higher Education Ministry.

Sri Lanka University Ragging News – 12 students arrested / remanded over clash

Rag victims to admit University again Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka University Ragging Campus Rag Nawaka Wadaya News

Updated – Arrested 12 Colombo University students in connection with a clash between two groups of University students on 8th January at the campus canteen, re-remanded till January 14th.

Two students were injured in the clash and they are receiving treatment at the Colombo National Hospital.

The students were arrested following investigations conducted in response to a complaint lodged with the Cinnamon Gardens Police.

The arrested students are to be produced before the Colombo Magistrate’s Court January 11.

The clash broke out while the enrolment of new students was taking place for the 2018/2019 academic year.

The clash had broken out at the canteen of the University over an incident of ragging on the 8th of this month. 2nd-year students at the university had inhumanely ragged the first-year students during the past few days at the university premises and at a student’s hostel located in Borella.

Eyewitnesses of the incident said that a third-year student who opposed this ragging had been assaulted the January 8. The victim of the assault suffered severe injuries to his ear and continues to receive treatment at the Colombo National Hospital.

A complaint was lodged at the Cinnamon Garden’s police station and a group of students was summoned to the police station January 10. The Vice-Chancellor of the University Professor Chandrika N. Wijeyarathne said that 12 students have been arrested in connection to the incident.

Hotline -UGC

Sri Lanka University Rag Campus Ragging Online Complaint

Affected students could reach out to the UGC hotline 0112-123700, 0112-123456

University students protesting demand Mahapola Scholarship fund increase

University students protesting demand Mahapola Scholarship fund increase

Sri Lanka’s major university students’ union Inter-University Student’s Federation “Anthare” / IUSF launched a protest marched in Colombo based on six demands including an increase in Mahapola Scholarship Fund and students’ bursary up to LKR 10,000 .

IUSF protest marched from Town Hall and proceeded to the Presidential Secretarial and staged a protest in front of the Presidential Secretariat Colombo. The protest march resulted in severe traffic congestion along the Galle Road.

When the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa learned about the protest, he instructed all security forces to allow students to enter the Presidential Secretariat without any obstruction for talks.

University students protesting demand Mahapola Scholarship fund Bursary increase
University students protesting demand Mahapola Scholarship fund increase

Since the President and the Secretary to the President were engaged in a duty outside the office, negotiations with the students was entrusted to the Additional Secretary to the President and the officials of the Ministry of Higher Education to negotiate with them.

Officials briefed the Secretary of the President on students’ demands at the time and sought advice.

It was decided to pay the arrears of Mahapola scholarship funds for the months of November and December by next Monday (Jan 13).

Attention was drawn to expeditiously resolve the issues presented by the students including granting Mahapola scholarship to students who have not completed 80% of attendance to lectures, granting student aids and Mahapola scholarships at the same level, issues regarding the University of Sabaragamuwa, increase of scholarship recipients’ parental Income up to Rs.7 million and increasing the wages of working people.

The officials agreed to provide the material discussed in writing. It was also proposed to discuss the existing issues of the students at least once a month or two weeks as per the wishes of the students. The student representatives stated that a decision will be taken in consultation with the student unions.

After the discussion, the students gathered in front of the Presidential Secretariat and dispersed peacefully. Rohana Abeyratne, Additional Secretary to the President, Anura Dissanayake, Secretary to the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof. Sampath Amaratunga, Chairman of the University Grants Commission and several officials were present at the discussion.

2020 filled with 14 long weekends

2020 Sri Lanka long weekends
2020 Sri Lanka long weekends trips tours outings.jpg

Good News for travelers !

2020 filled with 14 long weekends!

2020 filled with 14 long weekends in Sri Lanka 14 weekends Holidays

Sri Lanka will have a lesser number of working days and more long weekends this year with fourteen out of 23 public holidays falling on Fridays and Saturdays and many public holidays falling on either Fridays and on Mondays.

More Long Weekends!

The Duruthu Full Moon Poya will fall on Friday, January 10 while Maha Siva Rathri will fall on February 21. Madin Full Moon Poya will fall on Monday, March 9. Good Friday will fall on April 10 while Sinhala New year will fall on Monday, April 13. Vesak Full Moon Poya will fall on Thursday, May 7 and on Friday, May 8. Poson Full Moon Poya Day will fall on Friday, June 5. Nikini Full Moon Poya will be on Monday, August 3 2020. Prophet Mohammed’s birthday will also fall on Friday, October 30 2020. Finally, the Christmas holiday will fall on Friday, December 25 2020.

In addition Nawam, Esala and Ill Poyas will fall on Saturdays as per the 2020 calendar.

This is completely different to the last year 2019 where nine public holidays out of 23 fell on weekends

The National New Year few on Saturday and Sunday in April 2019 while the two Vesak holidays fell on Saturday and Sunday.

Sri Lanka Calendar 2020 with long weekends

During long weekends, expect lot of Trips, Parties, Outings & Pilgrimages. Hence be extra careful when having baths 🏊‍♂️ in waters, rivers, streams & beaches. Also DRIVE 🚗, RIDE 🏍️ & Cross 🚶 SAFE. Be careful when having Selfies.

Travel and tourism sector is developing in Sri Lanka. Recently Sri Lanka has won many awards and achievements in year 2020 and 2019.

300 University Colleges to setup in Sri Lanka

300 University Colleges to setup in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka will set up 300 university colleges where students who cannot enter state universities can join and earn a higher national diploma, Higher Education Minister Bandula Gunewardene said.

This year 181,000 students has passed the Advanced level examination earning entry qualifications for universities.

However there are only about 30,000 seats in tax-payer funded universities, leaving about 150,000 high and dry, he said.

Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has promised higher education opportunities for all students who meet entry requirements before his term ends, and the first phase is starting now.

Entry to existing universities will be raised by 25 percent for the next academic year.

The university colleges will be set up using existing facilities and vocational colleges and similar state agencies which are underutilized or unutilized instead of spending money on new buildings, he said.

By the end of 2020, at least 100 such colleges will be set up, which will give two year diplomas. Many of Sri Lanka’s vocational colleges had space and facilities which were unused or underutilized, Minister Gunewardene said. The university colleges will focus on information technology, software engineering and English. These students will have an qualifications which can used internationally Minister Gunawardene said.

Meanwhile the better private degree awarding colleges will also be given ‘Chartered’ status by the government, which will be monitored on an ongoing basis, he said.

Trilingual school for each district Sri Lanka

Trilingual school for each district Sri Lanka
Trilingual school for each district Sri Lanka Sinhala Tamil Muslim

Sri Lanka Government plans to set up a Trilingual school in each district, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa announced in Kandy. This will fulfill the dire need for learning languages, he pointed out.

The Prime Minister was addressing a gathering to mark the opening of the Sri Palipana Chandrananda Bauddha Balika Vidyalaya in Katugastota, Kandy. The Premier also pointed out that with the spread of trilingual schools, problems over language usage will be avoided.

He said that an education system which developed knowledge and values should be implemented to create a disciplined society. A majority of children passing out of schools today were rich in knowledge but lacking in moral values. This did not bring any benefits to society.

Premier Rajapaksa noted that in the ancient past, education in this country was linked to the village temple. This system changed with the advent of the colonial rule. Subsequently, education was distanced from the temple.

The Prime Minister said that today two 40-minute periods were allocated weekly for religious education in schools. More time should be devoted to teach religious norms and values to students in schools in order to create a just society. The creation of schools like the Sri Palipana Chandananda Balika Vidyalaya would help to rescue children from the present system of educating children for the sole purpose of money making.

The Prime Minister said that the care shown by parents for children during their primary schooling waned when they reached higher classes. This sometimes led some children astray when they came of age. Therefore, parents should take more interest and care in their children throughout their school career in order to ensure that they acquire both knowledge as well as social values.

Lunar Eclipse Visible to Sri Lanka – Jan 10

lunar eclipse visible to Sri Lanka
lunar eclipse visible to Sri Lanka

Good news for Skygazers!

Partial lunar eclipse will occur on the Duruthu Poya day on January 10th.

This is the first lunar eclipse of the year, as well as the first lunar eclipse of the 2020’s decade.

The lunar eclipse, which starts at 10.37 pm on Friday night, ends at 2.42 am on Saturday the 11th and reaches its peak at 12.40 am on Saturday.

NASA has named this lunar eclipse the ‘wolf lunar eclipse’.

A lunar eclipse is the covering of the sunlight that falls on the moon as the earth travels between the sun and the moon.

There are three other lunar eclipses this year, which will appear on June 5, July 5 and November 30.

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