Sri Lanka Dengue Fever May Increasing Health Alert

Dengue Fever increases in Sri Lanka with monsoon rains

Dengue Fever Alert ! Sri Lanka Health officials have noted that an increase in mosquito population and predict that there is an increase risk of dengue spreading coming...
Stop Fake News Say No to Hate Speech Always Fact Check Sri Lanka

Police warn against Fake News & Hate Speech

Sri Lanka Police DIG Ajith Rohana warned public against circulating social media and WhatApp / Viber posts that seek to incite communal or religious tensions amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The DIG said...
Sri Lanka Examination Results via exam department website

O/L Exam Results Released to

Examination Department released GCE O/L Examination results today evening to . 73.84% students managed to do A/Ls. 66.82% students passed Maths subject. 10,346 students managed to get 9...
Meteor Showers Sri Lanka can witness from tonight

Lyrids Meteor Shower Visible to Sri Lanka April 21 & 22 at 11.30pm to...

One of the oldest known annual Meteor Shower (Ulkapatha Warshawak) , known as Lyrids, will be visible in Sri Lanka until April 25, says Director, Astronomy and Space Science Unit, University of...
Sri Lanka School Reopening Dates Delay due to CoronaVirus

Sri Lanka Schools CLOSED. School vacation start and ends announced

The Education Ministry decided to re-open Government schools for primary students from Grade 1–5, except schools in the Western Province and isolated areas, on January 11. Ministry is exploring the possibility...
University Handbook Submit deadline date extended Sri Lanka

University registration admission dates June 2

Certify university entrance applications from schools on May 28-29. Details Here. The deadline to accept applications for University Registration Admission for the Academic Year 2019/2020 will be June...
Grade five scholarship exam date August 9 ?

Grade five scholarship exam will be postponed. Exam is on September

Update - 2020 Grade Five Scholarship Exam dates will be announce July 20. Sri Lanka Education Ministry has decided to announce Grade Five Scholarship Exam dates tomorrow after having discussion with relevant...

GCE O/L Exam results released to

Update - 2019 GCE Ordinary Level Examination (O/L Exam Results) results released to website. Everything ready to release 2019 O/L exam results today and now released to...
2020 A/L Examination not postponed

2020 A/L Exam postponed to October 12. Results University admission further delay

2020 A/L Exam will be held from October 12 to November 6. Students can get NEW Syllabus time table Here and Old Syllabus Time Table Here. All tuition classes and seminars related...

O/L Exam Results Release today or tomorrow April 38

Everything ready to release 2019 O/L exam results today April 27 or tomorrow (April 28). Release process now at its final stage. "We are trying to release results today evening, if some...