Meteor Showers Sri Lanka can witness from tonight

Lyrids Meteor Shower Visible to Sri Lanka April 21 & 22 at 11.30pm to...

One of the oldest known annual Meteor Shower (Ulkapatha Warshawak) , known as Lyrids, will be visible in Sri Lanka until April 25, says Director, Astronomy and Space Science Unit, University of...
2019 Sri Lanka Tourism Achievements

Sri Lanka Tourism Awards and Achievements in 2020 & 2019

Sri Lankaโ€™s tourism and travel achievement in 2020 ๐Ÿ† Sri Lanka listed in 2nd place - THE BEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD 2020 ๐Ÿ†...

GCE O/L Exam results released to

Update - 2019 GCE Ordinary Level Examination (O/L Exam Results) results released to website. Everything ready to release 2019 O/L exam results today and now released to...
Sri Lanka Weather Alerts Monsoon Floods Heavy Rains Cyclones Updates

Weather Alert Sri Lanka -Expect Hot Heat as SUN going directly over SL

Sri Lanka weather updates via MET. Sri Lanka Monsoon, Floods, Cyclone and Weather Updates and Alerts. The sun is expected to be directly over Sri Lanka starting from...
Sri Lanka Education News

Notice for A/L & Scholarship Exams Students

2020 A/L Exam and scholarship exam students are requested to provide personal details due to current COVID19 coronavirus situation. Education Ministry requested from all the students to fill the form by providing...
Sri Lanka Weather Alerts News Updates - Rains Winds Heat Drought Monsoon Floods Lightning Cyclone Tsunami Earthquakes Earth Tremors #WeatherSL

Sri Lanka Weather Alerts News Updates. Cyclone BUREVI to landfall North Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka weather updates via MET. Sri Lanka Rains, Winds, Heat, Drought, Monsoon, Floods, Lightning, Cyclone, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Earth Tremors and Weather Updates and Alerts. Cyclone Alert โ— Low...

O/L Exam Results Release today or tomorrow April 38

Everything ready to release 2019 O/L exam results today April 27 or tomorrow (April 28). Release process now at its final stage. "We are trying to release results today evening, if some...

Sri Lanka School Vacation Holidays News

UPDATE January 11- All schools in Sri Lanka except in the Western Province and other isolated areas will be open for grades 2-13 from January 11. The Minister of Education Professor G.L....
2020 A/L Examination not postponed

All schools closed in Sri Lanka due to Coronavirus

Sri Lanka education ministry decided to close all government schools from March 13th to April 20th. The first term ends from tomorrow and holidays of all schools will last till April 20th,...
#SriLanka Best holiday destinations

Sri Lanka The best holiday destinations for 2020 -UK “The Times”

The best holiday destinations for 2020- Sri Lanka The Times, British daily national newspaper based in London selected Sri Lanka as the best holiday destinations for 2020.