Dengue Fever increasing in Sri Lanka Health Alert issued

Dengue Fever may increases in Sri Lanka again with Rains!

So far this year 2021, only 821 dengue cases report. Dengue fever increases in Sri Lanka, usually soon after rainfall as rains optimal for mosquitoes breeding. It is a leading public health...
Suicide Prevention in Sri Lanka Lifelines 1926 and call 1333 Mental Health

World Suicide Prevention Day WSPD & Mental Health September 10

World Suicide Prevention Day falls September 10. September 10 World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an awareness day observed on 10 September every year since 2003, to provide worldwide commitment and action...
Corona Virus Updates in Sri Lanka COVID19 News

Corona Virus Updates in Sri Lanka COVID19 News

Sri Lanka Health Officials say that although there are no new COVID-19 clusters in the society, the risk of the virus spreading within the society still remains high.
Sri Lanka Weather Alerts News Updates - Rains Winds Heat Drought Monsoon Floods Lightning Cyclone Tsunami Earthquakes Earth Tremors #WeatherSL

Sri Lanka Weather Alerts News Updates. Cyclone BUREVI to landfall North Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka weather updates via MET. Sri Lanka Rains, Winds, Heat, Drought, Monsoon, Floods, Lightning, Cyclone, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Earth Tremors and Weather Updates and Alerts. Cyclone Alert ❗ Low...
Sri Lanka Earthquake Earth Shake Tremor News

Earthquakes Tremors in Sri Lanka Safety Tips

Sri Lanka Earthquake News - A minor earth tremor has been felt in Kandy Digana, Haragama, Mayilapitiya areas on August 29 night. Sri Lanka Earthquake Monitoring Centre of the...

Sri Lanka School Vacation Holidays News

UPDATE January 11- All schools in Sri Lanka except in the Western Province and other isolated areas will be open for grades 2-13 from January 11. The Minister of Education Professor G.L....
Sun going directly over Sri Lanka. Hot weather expects

Sun directly over Sri Lanka. Expect Hot / heat weather

The sun is expected to be directly over Sri Lanka starting from August 29 till September 7. Sun on it's apparent march from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern hemisphere, will be...
Bandaranaike International Airport BIA Katunayake opening dates Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Airport BIA reopening dates

Sri Lanka Government hopes to reopen the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake by the end of September, Minister of Tourism Prasanna Ranatunga says. The Minister said the decision will...
Sri Lanka Weather Alerts Monsoon Floods Heavy Rains Cyclones Updates

Weather Alert Sri Lanka -Expect Hot Heat as SUN going directly over SL

Sri Lanka weather updates via MET. Sri Lanka Monsoon, Floods, Cyclone and Weather Updates and Alerts. The sun is expected to be directly over Sri Lanka starting from...
10 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe On Social Media

School Students arrested for posting violent videos in Social Media

Sri Lanka Police reportedly arrested four students in connection with posting of a series of violent viral videos where young children were making threats to one another, on social media platforms, the...