Sri Lanka Education Ministry considering to introduce a new school syllabus on par with international standards, suitable for the country. The new syllabus will be introduced to schools, next year 2021.

New school curriculum with international standards will suit the country’s job market and culture. Secretary to the Ministry, Professor Kapila Perera said students should be moulded according to job demands in the country by developing their creative skills along with ethics. New syllabus will be introduced from Grade-1 to 13 after obtaining public views at grassroots level.

The official said it would target the economic pattern of the country and job market to elevate skills by creating a creative mind imbued with humanity. He also said the mental stability of students is currently dismal, where studies and examinations have transformed children into robots. “Nowadays, students only know and want jobs in air conditioned offices with good facilities. No one wants to come up with new ideas. Everyone is reaching for top positions by parroting the syllabus,” he claimed, adding that therefore the new syllabus will not be a burden to children but a support future careers.

Meanwhile, views and suggestions of academics, professionals and those actively engaged in technical careers will be obtained in this regard. The syllabus is expected to be introduced towards the end of 2021.

“The program will be implemented based on the instructions of Subject Minister – Prof. G.L. Peiris,” Education Ministry Secretary, Prof. Kapila Perera said. Accordingly, the school syllabus from Grade 1 to Grade 13 will be revised.

The new syllabus will be prepared to suit Sri Lanka’s economic pattern, job market, and many other areas, the Secretary of Education noted, adding “Views and suggestions of professionals in the education sector, students, businessmen, and those from various grades in the technical field will be taken into account in this regard”.

Further, plans are also underway to alleviate the stress experienced by children due to the shortcomings of the current education system, Prof. Kapila Perera further said. The new syllabus will be introduced to schools, next year 2021.

Current school syllabus to be revised; New syllabus to be implemented in 2021: Ministry of Education

Professor K.K.C.K Perera who has been appointed as the new Secretary to the Ministry of Education assumed his duties.

Professor K.K.C.K Perera had been serving as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa and he has also served as the Dean of the Engineering Faculty of the same university. During that period he has initiated several activities including the policy formulation and administration of the university, management of learning, rating the universities, standardizing the departments and also planning and implementation of staff development activities.

He has also worked as a lecturer on various subjects including energy technology and environment and the principles of thermo dynamics for undergraduate courses, graduate courses and post graduate courses. He obtained his first degree from the Moratuwa University in 1986 and has obtained PHD from the University of California. In addition to this Mr. Perera has been an active member of several institutions including Sri Lanka Energy Manager’s Association, Engineering Institution and Automobile Engineering Institutio


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