Parliament Committee has recommended that all students studying in Muslim Madrassa Schools / institutions should be absorbed into the education system under the Sri Lanka Ministry of Education within three years.

In a special report submitted to the parliament by the Committee on February 19 recommends number of measures for the government to take in education sector.

The measures include the establishment of a special committee for the regulation of Madrassah institutions / Muslim Madrassa Schools under the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs, subjecting curriculum taught in all educational institutes under approval of the National Institute of Education, and appointment of a reputed expert panel for future editions of Islamic text books among others.

According to the Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs officials, there are 1,669 Islam ‘Madrasa’ schools and 317 Arabic schools registered under the Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs all over the country.

The report was prepared by the Sectoral Oversight Committee on National Security made the suggestions in order to prevent the re-occurrence of a similar situation as the Easter Sunday attack in last year.

This report, which has been named as the “Report on the proposal to draft and implement legislation to ensure national security eradicating terrorism and extremism and strengthening rapport between nations and religions” was tabled in Parliament by the Chairman of the committee, MP Malith Jayatilake.

The Committee also recommended to ban all face coverings such as veils and Burqas that will prevent identification of persons. The report states that a number of countries have already banned the burqa and on September 5, 2019, ISIS headquarters in Syria also banned the Burqa.

The report contains recommendations on 14 areas including formulating a National Security Policy addressing the challenges of possible future terrorist attacks, amending Immigration and Emigration Law, monitoring of electronic, print & social media, amending the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act, empowering the Muslim civil society, establishing Dhamma schools to ensure inter-religious harmony and regulating of madrasas curriculum.

The committee was set up following Easter Sunday attacks last year in which over 260 people were killed.


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