16 Kelaniya university students arrested over removing campus CCTV camera system. 12 students granted police bail and charges to be filed against 4 others under Pubic Properties Act over removing CCTV. 4 students remanded till March 3rd by Mahara magistrate court. Administration board of Kelaniya University says steps will be taken to reinstall the damaged CCTV security system at the university premises.

Media Director of the Kelaniya University Senior Lecturer Vijayananda Rupasinghe said students who damaged the security camera system have been identified, whilst steps will be taken against them. Rupasinghe stressed the CCTV system was installed to protect students and their belongings, thereby dismissing allegations that the system was put in place with the intent of supressing students.

Kelaniya University CCTV

The University Media Director noted that the security system, installed following the Easter terror attacks, was set up in order to safeguard both students and the university premises.

Twelve out of the sixteen arrested university students over the removal of CCTV cameras from the University of Kelaniya have been granted police bail.

The remaining 4 students, who had been directly involved with the act, will be filed charges under the Public Properties Act, stated the police.

Earlier today (27), 16 university students including a monk were arrested over the removal of CCTV cameras from the University of Kelaniya premises.

On February 24, certain members of the Student Union of the University of Kelaniya had forcibly removed the CCTV cameras fixed at university premises for security purposes.

The Student Union had objected to the fixation of the cameras charging that this was done as a measure to control students.

After the removal of the cameras, the members of the Student Union had claimed responsibility for the action and stated that it had been done as a sign of protest.

The next day (February 25), the removed CCTV cameras had been returned to a point in the university.


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