The Program to provide jobs for all unemployed graduates and diploma holders has commenced. In line with its election pledge, the new government of Sri Lanka is to provide employment opportunities in the state sector for about 50,000 unemployed graduates by 1 March this year.

Details and Application Form can be download via Below Link

Jobs for unemployed graduates and diploma holders Sri Lanka

The objective of this program is to create a situation in which all young people have the opportunity to contribute to the sustainable development process on a credible and rational basis to create a work culture beneficial to the country.

The program is planned and implemented according to ‘Saubhagyaye Dekma’, the policy statement of Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Prospective candidates must have completed a Degree or Diploma programme recognized by the University Grants Commission before December 31, 2019. They should not be more than 45 years of age on that date. The applicant should be a permanent resident of the area that come under the Divisional Secretariat to which the application is submitted and should not have been employed for three years immediately preceding this process.

Duly completed application form, with a photocopy of the Degree or Diploma certificate and the detailed result sheet (certified copies of original documents attested by a Justice of Peace or by an Attorney- at- law) should be sent through the Speed Post Courier Service of the Postal Department of Sri Lanka before 2020-02-14. Application forms could be downloaded from website. Applications should be forwarded to the following address:

The Programme to provide jobs for unemployed graduates and diploma holders 2020, Corporate management and Co-ordination Division,

Presidential Secretariat, Galle Face, Colombo 1. If the applicant is a graduate, on the top left-hand corner of the envelope it should be stated ‘Graduate/ (Name of the District) and if the applicant is a diploma holder on the envelope should be stated’ Diploma Holder/ (Name of the District).

Applications received after the deadline will be rejected. Selected candidates will be employed in the Ministry of Education (Rural and Estate Schools), Department of Irrigation, Department of Agrarian Services, Department of Wildlife, Department of Indigenous Medicine, Ministry of Health (Rural Hospitals / Dispensary), Survey Department, Department of Agriculture, Department of Minor Export Crops, Department of Valuation and Department of Immigration and Emigration. A monthly allowance of Rs. 20,000 will be paid during the one year training period for graduates. Appointments are made on district basis and it is compulsory to serve for 5 years in the district where the first appointment is made.

Vacancies / Jobs for graduates and diploma holders in Sri Lanka

Further information 0112 433 261


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