Sri Jayewardenepura University student Pasindu Hirushan, who was seriously injured when a tire rolled down a set of steps hit his head, returned to the university today four months after the injury. University Student tire incident – Here

Professor Sudantha Liyanage, Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura welcomed the student at a special ceremony organized by the university. The university had also taken steps to make a financial donation for the first-year student.

Pasindu Hirushan who is a resident of Dewolepola in Minuwangoda obtained university admission amid many difficulties. Week before he sat for the GCE Advance Level examination his mother passed away and Pasindu’s father has endured many hardships to give his son the best.

Pasindu Hirushan Japura University student injured with a tire returns to campus
Pasindu Hirushan Japura University student injured with a tire returns to campus

After a Fresher’s party on the 5th of March this year, a group of senior students at the University have sent a large tractor tire down the stairs of the university playground pavilion. The tire hit Pasindu who was ascending the stairs and the first-year student collapsed on the stairs with severe injuries to the head.

Pasindu struggled for life on life support for days at the Colombo National Hospital and the doctors believed that he may experience many side effects including loss of memory even if he survived.

Despite odds the student recovered, although not completely, and after nearly three months of hospital stay Pasindu Hirushan, went home on June 11.

Six senior students of the Sri Jayewardenepura University Management Faculty arrested for allegedly injuring first-year student Pasindu Hirushan have been remanded. The student, 20-year-old Pasindu Hirushan had rsustained serious head injuries when the senior students allegedly rolled a large tractor tire down a set of stairs hitting the victim in the early hours of March 06. Pasindu Hirushan, who sustained brain injuries, is still receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit of the Colombo National Hospital, Mirihana police informed the court. Mirihana Police are conducting further investigations into the incident.


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