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2020 A/L Exam timetable release to www.doenets.lk

Released ! 2020 A/L Exam timetable release to www.doenets.lk Web. Exam October 12 to...

Update - Notice for A/L & Scholarship Exams Students. 2020 A/L Exam and scholarship exam students are requested to provide personal details due to current COVID19 coronavirus situation. Education Ministry requested from...
O/L Exam Results Online Sri Lanka www.doenets.lk

O/L Exam Results Released to www.doenets.lk

Update - 2019 GCE Ordinary Level Examination (O/L Exam Results) results released to http://www.doenets.lk website.Everything ready to release 2019 O/L exam results today and now released to official website .
2020 O/L Exam Details

2019 O/L Exam Results Release April 30

UPDATE - O/L results release process now its final stage. Results will release coming few days before April 30. Results release date delay. GCE Ordinary Level Examination (2019 O/L Exam) results will...

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