Update – 2020 Grade Five Scholarship Exam dates will be announce July 20. Sri Lanka Education Ministry has decided to announce Grade Five Scholarship Exam dates tomorrow after having discussion with relevant parties.

When 2020 Grade Five Scholarship Exam begins?

Normally, Grade Five Scholarship Exam is scheduled on August month every year, but the exam was postponed this year due to Coronavirus outbreak. Earlier officials said 2020 Grade Five Scholarship Exam will be held from September 13. But students and parents have requested to postpone it by several weeks. Now Ministry is having discussions with students, principals and teachers about this matter. Final decision on the date of the Grade Five Scholarship Exam will be decided probably coming days. Based on the final decision exam will be held on September 13 or postponed to another date. It will be a day in September month or October. With sudden increase in coronavirus cases, it is difficult to predict the exam dates. Relevant time table will be released soon after dates are confirmed.

Grade five scholarship exam will not be postponed says Education Ministry. Social Media and several newspapers reported that grade 5 scholarship examination will be postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak. Answering the social media posts, Ministry says exam will NOT be delay.

Exam will be held on August 9 or another date according to the previous records after analyzing by “Lanka Education”.

Doubts had been cast over the conduct of the grade five scholarship examinations on schedule due to the current situation. Educational authorities had to seek advice from the health authorities, an Education Ministry official said.

Examinations Commissioner General Sanath Poojitha said they feared the exams would not be held as scheduled previously.

He said the Examinations Department will depend on the advice of the Health Ministry and the Task Forces, in their decision to hold or postpone exams.

Mr Poojitha also said processing the scholarship applications this year was easier due to the online application system. He said the exams might be delayed until the August holiday period.

Mr Poojitha also said the department will seek advice from health authorities with regard to spacing and desk and chair arrangements in the exam halls.

Earlier Sinhala Newspaper Silumina reported that Grade five scholarship exam would be postponed due to coronavirus outbreak.

Year Students Sat Exam Centres Exam Date Results Released Dates
  2010 313,450 2744 August 22 September 22 31
  2011 321,427 2772 August 21 September 15 25
  2012 318,416 2803 August 26 September 25 30
  2013 329,725 2386 August 25 October 1 37
  2014 334,600 2870 August 17 September 28 41
2015 340,926 2907 August 23 October 7 45
2016 350,701 2959 August 21 October 4 44
2017 356,728 3014 August 20 October 5 46
2018 355,326 3050 August 5 October 5  
2019 339,369 2995 August 04 October 6  
2020 Over 300,000*  About 3000*  August 09*  October 5*   


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