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Stop Fake News Say No to Hate Speech Always Fact Check Sri Lanka

Police warn against Fake News & Hate Speech

Sri Lanka Police DIG Ajith Rohana warned public against circulating social media and WhatApp / Viber posts that seek to incite communal or religious tensions amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. The DIG said...
Coronavirus fake news and fact checking

Coronavirus fake news and fact checks. Think before you Share!

Fact checking organizations and individual fact checkers around the world are fact-checking some of the most popular fake and misleading coronavirus stories on social media. They have been already debunked many such...
Coronavirus COVID19 Latest news updates live Sri Lanka

Live – Coronavirus COVID19 Latest news and updates Sri Lanka (Updated)

Coronaviruses / Covid19 is gradually spreading in Sri Lanka. On 27 January, the first confirmed case of the Coronavirus was reported in Sri Lanka, a 44-year-old Chinese woman from Hubei Province in...
Sri Lanka CoronaVirus Info China Wuhan Corona Virus spreading health alert

Live Updates- Covid-19 CoronaVirus Stats / Data in the World (As at May 9)

Live Blog - Coronavirus outbreak labelled as pandemic by World Health Organization WHO. WHO named it as "Covid-19". The Wuhan Coronavirus "Covid-19" outbreak is a...

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