All recruits to the proposed ‘Multi-Purpose Development Task Force’ will be absorbed into the permanent cadre of the public service from October 1 following a seven-month training programme, the President’s Media Office said in a press release.

Sri Lanka Government has called for applications from the unemployed youth between 18-45 years, who have educational qualifications below the ordinary level, for the establishment of the task force.

Relevant model application can be get via Dinamina, Thinakaran and Daily News newspapers on January 20th

Dinamina Sinhala

Daily News English

Thinakaran Tamil

The draft application form was published in newspapers on January 20. (Download it from above links).

The duly filled applications must be handed over to the Grama Niladhari Officer in the relevant area before February 15.

The Grama Niladhari Officers are required to forward the applications to the Divisional Secretary by February 20 after certifying the details.

The initiative aims to recruit 100,000 low income youth to fill many unskilled employment opportunities in Government and affiliated institutions.

All of them will be entitled to a monthly allowance of Rs. 22,500 during the training period. Those who complete the training successfully will be recruited into the permanent cadre and will also be entitled for pension.

Secretary to the President Dr.P. B. Jayasundara, in the release said that certifying false information could lead to disciplinary action. The interviews for recruitment will be held within five days from February 26 at the Divisional Secretariats or a public place named by the Divisional Secretary. The interviewees are encouraged to present a certificate obtained by the Grama Niladhari Officer and other relevant documents during the interview.

The training for the successful candidates will commence on March 3. The Government will create a labour pool to implement the project.“The recruits will not be detached from their families and they will be given appointments in the same area where they are resided or in close proximity to that. They will also get foreign employment opportunities later based on their satisfactory service, excellent performance and discipline,” the press release added.

The programme was initiated based on a concept of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The notification for calling of 100000 jobs applications issued by January 20, 2020. Interested parties can be apply. Job interviews for low-income earners to begin from February 26.

The government’s Multi-purpose Developmental Task Force is set to commence employment interviews from the 26th of February. The notification for calling of applications issued by January 20, 2020.

This aims to provide employment opportunities to 100,000 low-income earners, stated President’s Media Division.

The interviews commencing from February 26 will be carried out over 05 days at Divisional Secretariats and other public places designated by the Divisional Secretary.

100,000 people from low income families with no formal education will be provided with employment in sectors such as masonry, carpentry, agriculture, fisheries and forest conservation after being trained under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence and the tri-forces.

In a bid to empower families eligible for the Samurdhi benefits and unskilled youth from low income families with no formal education, the government is to establish a Multi-Purpose Development Task Force, a program to generate 100,000 employment opportunities aimed at eradicating poverty.

Under this scheme youths belonging to the poorest of poor families will be selected. This would provide an income to the poorest families and that would raise the living standards of those families.

Once trained and absorbed into specific areas, they will receive a monthly salary of Rs.35,000 and plans are ahead to provide employment opportunities in the residential area itself.

The recruitment will be conducted under the supervision of Buddhist monks and other heads of religious places, government agents and public officials. The assistance of security force officials will also be provided for the recruitment process.

The youths will be employed in hospitals and government offices as unskilled workers and in other departments such as fisheries and wildlife after training them in the required skins. They will also trained in skills such as carpentry, mason and other such vocations and deploy to the government services where such workers are required.


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