Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) has informed public that the University of Aberdeen – Sri Lanka Medical Pathway is NOT recognized by the SLMC in order to fulfill the requirements for registration to practice Medicine and Surgery in Sri Lanka.

The SLMC has informed above message to the Sri Lankan public through all mass media.

It is compulsory to obtain the registration of the SLMC for all medical faculties and doctors in Sri Lanka in order to function. Without SLMC registration, no medical faculty or doctor can legally function in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Medical professionals pointed out that all foreign MBBS degree holders need to pass the ERPM examination (Act 16 Examination) of the SLMC in order to get the SLMC registration to practice as doctors in Sri Lanka. Only doctors with SLMC registration receive appointments as interns. “Only students who obtain an MBBS degree from SLMC approved foreign universities are eligible to sit for ERPM examination, get the SLMC registration, become MBBS doctors in Sri Lanka and practice medicine. Sri Lankan students who obtain MBBS degrees from any other foreign or local institution which does not have the approval of the SLMC will not receive SLMC registration and they will not be able to practice as doctors in Sri Lanka legally,” they said.

Aberdeen University Asiri Health MBBS Degree via Sri Lank Medical Pathway

Meanwhile, the Media Spokesman of the State Medical Students Parents’ Union Wasantha Alwis said that there was a move to offer MBBS degrees to Sri Lankan students who failed to enter state universities for around Rs. 50 million.

University students, IUSF “Anthare and Medical faculty students of government universities staged several protests against the Aberdeen-Asiri MBBS Degree Programme through ‘Sri Lanka Medical Pathway’. IUSF warns more protests against the move.

Billionaire Ashok Pathirage owned Softlogic Group’s Asiri Health will launch a MBBS degree Program in partnership with the University of Aberdeen, the 2018 annual report review of the company noted. According to 2018 report “Discussions are taking place with the University of Aberdeen, aimed at launching an MBBS degree through which local students can aspire to a foreign MBBS at an affordable cost”.

A fact-checking article has been done by Factcrescendo-SriLanka over Asiri Health- Aberdeen University degree program.

Is ASIRI HOSPITAL Teaming Up with ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY to provide affordable medical studies for local students?

It is clear that the articles present in local media are misleading in nature. NO new private medical university is being set up in Sri Lanka – it is rather a case of Sri Lanka being selected as a placement location for the last 2 years of the University of Aberdeen’s MBBS programme.

Fact Checking Article


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