Online Application for students seeking Advanced Level A/L admission released. Education Ministry launched a program for 2019 O/L students to apply for new schools for do their A/L through the ONLINE system.

Sri Lanka Ministry of Education has provided opportunity to apply online basis for students seeking admission for G.C.E (A/L) classes in the year 2020/ 2022.

Accordingly, the prospective students can get application forms and apply via One applicant can apply maximum of 10 schools and the closing date of admission will be June 22.


  • A student can apply for 10 schools Under this system
  • Applications should be sent to each school separately.
  • The deadline to accept applications is 2020/06/12
  • The Ministry of Education will forward these applications to the Principals of the respective schools.
  • If called for interview, You should participate along with your certificates and other relevant documents.
  • Use Unicode fonts to insert details in Sinhala and Tamil languages
  • You will receive a reference number after submitting the application. (Write it down for use when needed)
  • For any assistance required in submitting applications please call following numbers
    -Technical – 077-5440083 / 077-2302382 /071-3723318
    -Other – 071-2491011/ 071-5574958/071-3251503

The Ministry of Education has given the opportunity for students who are eligible to enter the GCE Advanced Level grades in 2020 to apply for schools through the ONLINE system. Accordingly, students wishing to apply for A / L grades can apply by visiting according to the statement issued by the education ministry. One applicant can apply for up to 10 schools and all applications must be submitted before June 12, 2020.

Application Form for GCE (A/L) in Government Schools

Apply via



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