Good News for travelers !

2020 filled with 14 long weekends!

2020 filled with 14 long weekends in Sri Lanka 14 weekends Holidays

Sri Lanka will have a lesser number of working days and more long weekends this year with fourteen out of 23 public holidays falling on Fridays and Saturdays and many public holidays falling on either Fridays and on Mondays.

More Long Weekends!

The Duruthu Full Moon Poya will fall on Friday, January 10 while Maha Siva Rathri will fall on February 21. Madin Full Moon Poya will fall on Monday, March 9. Good Friday will fall on April 10 while Sinhala New year will fall on Monday, April 13. Vesak Full Moon Poya will fall on Thursday, May 7 and on Friday, May 8. Poson Full Moon Poya Day will fall on Friday, June 5. Nikini Full Moon Poya will be on Monday, August 3 2020. Prophet Mohammed’s birthday will also fall on Friday, October 30 2020. Finally, the Christmas holiday will fall on Friday, December 25 2020.

In addition Nawam, Esala and Ill Poyas will fall on Saturdays as per the 2020 calendar.

This is completely different to the last year 2019 where nine public holidays out of 23 fell on weekends

The National New Year few on Saturday and Sunday in April 2019 while the two Vesak holidays fell on Saturday and Sunday.

Sri Lanka Calendar 2020 with long weekends

During long weekends, expect lot of Trips, Parties, Outings & Pilgrimages. Hence be extra careful when having baths 🏊‍♂️ in waters, rivers, streams & beaches. Also DRIVE 🚗, RIDE 🏍️ & Cross 🚶 SAFE. Be careful when having Selfies.

Travel and tourism sector is developing in Sri Lanka. Recently Sri Lanka has won many awards and achievements in year 2020 and 2019.


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