2020 A/L Exam will be held from October 12 to November 6. Students can get NEW Syllabus time table Here and Old Syllabus Time Table Here. All tuition classes and seminars related to 2020 A/L exam prohibited from midnight on October 06. Exam postponed again. 2020 A/L Exam will be held from October 12 to November 6. Normally, A/L exam is scheduled on August month, but exam was postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak. Earlier officials said 2020 A/L Exam will be held from September 7 to October 2. But students have requested to postpone it by three weeks. Now Ministry is having discussions with students, principals and teachers about this matter. Also ministry is decided to conduct online survey to obtain the opinion whether exam should held on September 7 or delay. Final decision on the date of the A/L Exam decided. Exam postponed again. 2020 A/L Exam will be held from October 12 to November 6. Relevant time table will be released soon. Update – Government considering to postpone A/L Exam again. Sri Lanka Education minister Dullas Alahapperuma has advised officials to explore whether there is a need to postpone the Advanced Level examination.

A/L Exam results and Zscore cutoff marks releasing also delay.

Minister told a meeting that a group of students had requested him to postpone the A/L exam, which is scheduled on September 7. Students have requested to postpone exam at least by three weeks. Earlier Minister said 2020 A/L Exam will be held from September 7 to October 2.

Meanwhile issuing a statement Education Ministry says final decision on the date of the examination will be decided July first week soon after schools reopen.

“I spoke to the education secretary and asked him to inquire whether the time is not enough for students to prepare for the exams,” the minister said.


Much awaited 2020 A/L Exam is postponed. A/l exam will be held from September 7 to October 2. Relevant time table will be released soon.

2020 A/L Exam is postponed. A/L exam will be held from September 7 to October 2. The relevant time table has NOT yet published and timetable will be released soon to examination department official website. Download the A/L exam time table ONLY from examination department official website. www.doenets.lk

Update – Sri Lanka’s exams commissioner says a reasonable decision will be made considering 2020 advanced level exams 2020 A/L Exam, as schools remained closed due to coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

What happens to 2020 A/L Exam and A/L Students ?

• Hold the exam on August ?
• Hold the exam with covered syllabus on August ?
• Postpone the exam date ?

Examinations Department will depend on the advice of the Health Ministry and the Task Forces, in their decision to hold or postpone exams. A series of meeting will be held coming days to take the decision.

Sri Lanka Education Ministry says that NO decision has been taken to postpone the GCE Advanced Level Examination (GCE A/L Exam 2020). Exam will be held in August as usual. Ministry rejecting the false claims made on social media.

Sinhala weekend “Silumina” newspaper reports that 2020 A/L Exam will be postponed till November due to Coronavirus outbreak based on sources in Examination Department. There is NO official news so far about the postpone.

Earlier Sri Lanka Commissioner General of Examinations says that NO decision has been taken to postpone the GCE Advanced Level Examination (GCE A/L Exam 2020) to be held in August. He further says this, rejecting the false claims made on social media.

Hence we “Lanka Education” kindly requesting students NOT to panic over social media news. Stay till official media channel publish the news. Stay at Home – Do your studies well as usual.

Silumina newspaper further says that 2020 Grade Five Scholarship Exam will be also postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak. There is NO official news so far about the postpone. Official statement about the new dates not yet published.

Several exams schedule on March month already postponed.

Results of G. C. E. Ordinary Level examination of 2019 will not be released on the scheduled date, Department of Examinations said.

Earlier, the results of the O/L Exam set to be released at the end of March 2020, said Commissioner General of Examinations.

Release of the results has been postponed with the difficulties of convening staff in the face of the coronavirus pandemic in Sri Lanka.

The release date of the exam results will be announced once the curfew is lifted and normalcy has been restored, the Commissioner-General added.

Accordingly, the Commissioner General of Examinations stated that the A/L examination will be held in 2020 August as scheduled and requested the public not to be deceived by false statements. Relevant dates and subject timetable will be release in future dates. Students can download the A/L timetable from examination department official website once it released.

The Examinations Department issuing a statement stated that all certificates would only be issued online due to the current Coronavirus threat. Examination Department Commissioner General B. Sanath Pujitha said that due to the Coronavirus epidemic, entry into the Examination Department has been restricted  and all one day service and regular counters have been closed until further notice.

He further stated that those who had yet not applied for the 2020 GCE A/L examination and the Year 5 Scholarship Exam for 2020, could do so online as the deadline has been extended until March 31. Any inquiries in this regard could be obtained by calling the hotline 1911.


    • Someone saying 90% syllabus covered …
      I think you are rich(you already finished the syllabus in private classes). …
      But here we Want to think all students….
      In this lockdown period we didn’t have anything to eat then how can we pay extra money for online zoom classes, individual classes etc..
      Example in chemistry physical chemistry is a major part in exam .. but it didn’t completed yet then how can i write the exam…..???????
      If the syllabus reduced…..
      We will get three types of papers.
      1.2020 old syllabus
      2.2020 new syllabus 1st attempt (syllabus reduced exam paper)
      3.2020 new syllabus 2nd attempt ( syllabus fully covered exam paper)

      It’s not fair😭

  1. what about the students who have changed their subjects in third shy,with no any help or notes..they will have to stay for another year to prepare the exams,cause it’s their last shy…

  2. We,kindly ask from the Department of Education to postpone the A/L examination 2020,as the students yet haven’t got the chance to cover their syllabi. So please reconsider about the situation and make a wise decision to upgrade the level of the future society.

  3. මම එකගයි. එත් අපිට නිබන්දන වලින් විභාගය කරන්න අමාරුයි. අන්තර්ජාල පහසුකම් නැති ළමුන් කොහොමද ඉදිරියට තියෙන නිබන්ධන හොයා ගන්නේ?

  4. I think the exam should be postponed. … what about the students who changed the stream which they studied last year

  5. Great. Don’t postpone AL examination. 90% syllabus have coverd, AL examination in August is very correct answer.

  6. It’s not trually corecct. Becouse we are normal family students and we haven’t money to food, not and other facilities. And no clz fee to individual study clz. I think very better to start in our scl, tuition clazes and after few months we can face for successful sit a levels. It’s very better. Sir plz postpond our exam. It’s our turning point.

  7. Please conduct the advanced level examination 2020 august. Because “we can’t breath” as a result of this exam pressure. 90% of the syllabus is covered right now. Don’t POSTPONED the EXAMINATION .

  8. මා සිතන පරිදි සලකා බැලිය යුතු වන්නේ සමස්න උ/පෙළ පාසල් සඳහා විෂය නිර්දේශය නිම කිරීමට කොපමණ කල් අවශ්‍යද යන්න මතයි. එම කාලය අනිවාර්යයෙන්ම ලබා දිය යුතු අතර ඉගැන්වීම් කටයුතු ළමයාට මානසික අපහසුතා නොවන අයුරින් සිදු කළ යුතුය.
    ඒ සඳහා පාසල් වසා දමා තිබූ කාල සීමාව ඉදිරියට ලබා දිය යුතුය

  9. Sir, think it’s not a good idea to postpone the exam again. It is true that we haven’t fully covered our syllabuses but postponing it under this pressure makes it more exasperating and tiring for students.
    We all want a fair paper yess but please do not postpone it again. We’re stressing out here. Postponing to end of the year is a joke obviously , please guys think twice about the consequences of this. We want to finish this asap. Please sir, it’s not just all about a exam but about our future, discontinuing this delay all our life plans.

  10. Please sir keep the exam on the fixed date. We are undergone a huge pressure for 2 and a half years and it’s a complete stupidity to postpone a/ls further. Think
    About the future don’t people understand when the Cambridge and edexcel syllabus students finishes their A/L examination at the age of 17 and get selected to a university within 3-4 months and are able to complete their degree at the age of 21. But still we are at age of 19 and still thriving in this examination. So please don’t postpone the a/ls further, it’s just a waste of time and it’s difficult to hold the a/l pressure when you people keep on postponing it. So sir please don’t postpone a/ls keep it on sep7

  11. I think this time students going to face some serious issue as they lost their schooling and classes due to corona and the results will be affected by this


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