2020 A/L Exam will be held from October 12 to November 6. Students can get NEW Syllabus time table Here and Old Syllabus Time Table Here. All tuition classes and seminars related to 2020 A/L exam prohibited from midnight on October 06.

Sri Lanka’s exams commissioner says a reasonable decision will be made considering 2020 advanced level exams 2020 A/L Exam, as schools remained closed due to coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

What happens to 2020 A/L Exam and A/L Students ?

• Hold the exam on August ?
• Hold the exam with covered syllabus on August ?
• Postpone the exam date ?

Examinations Department will depend on the advice of the Health Ministry and the Task Forces, in their decision to hold or postpone exams. A series of meeting will be held coming days to take the decision.

“Lanka Education” kindly requesting students NOT to panic over social media news. Government will take a fair decision which will satisfied you all. Hence Stay till official media channel publish the news. Stay at Home – Do your studies well as usual. Good Luck !

Sri Lanka Commissioner General of Examinations says that NO decision has been taken to postpone the GCE Advanced Level Examination (GCE A/L Exam 2020) to be held in August. He further says this, rejecting the false claims made on social media that the A/L examination has been postponed.

Accordingly, the Commissioner General of Examinations stated that the A/L examination will be held in 2020 August as scheduled and requested the public not to be deceived by false statements. Relevant dates and subject timetable will be release in future dates. Students can download the A/L timetable from examination department official website once it released.

The Examinations Department issuing a statement stated that all certificates would only be issued online due to the current Coronavirus threat. Examination Department Commissioner General B. Sanath Pujitha said that due to the Coronavirus epidemic, entry into the Examination Department has been restricted  and all one day service and regular counters have been closed until further notice.

He further stated that those who had yet not applied for the 2020 GCE A/L examination and the Year 5 Scholarship Exam for 2020, could do so online as the deadline has been extended until March 31. Any inquiries in this regard could be obtained by calling the hotline 1911.


  1. It is really unfair. Students have not complete their syllabus how can they face the exam in this sitution. Hope the exam to be postponed.

  2. This is a bad suggestion as many students have not yet completed their syllabus. Some people can learn by using the internet, but not everyone can. Sri Lanka is still a developing country. No houses, no phones, no computers. Many people in Sri Lanka these days have trouble accessing the internet but at least finding their own food. Please think of the children of this motherland humanely.

  3. It’s really unfair for us..students…we haven’t finished the syllabus even… especially science subjects … we founded the relevant notes hardly..and now we are copying those..but we have no idea about the parts … because those parts haven’t teached us.. not at the school even… there are quite alot in physics as well as in chemistry …so do biology too… for maths students.. this situation is also same…we hope the government will consider this matter fairly ….

  4. It’s really unfair for the 2020 first shy A/L students. As they haven’t finished their syllabus yet. Even the lessons in grade 13 are also not submitted to Internet and also it’s hard to find the subject materials during this season. So please be kind enough to inform the students about the papers as soon as possible as they can manage their studies with their gained subject knowledge and they can face the
    exam in August. Thank you

  5. Physics syllabus not yet completed it’s very hard to understand physics theories via zoom or other social medias electricity magnetic field, electronics, matter and radiation, prop and matter are remaining to finish for first shy students it’s very unfair it’s k to manage bio and chemistry

  6. Sir in this situation we are facing difficulty in studying(A/L STUDENTS). We have not yet covered the syllabus also. These period is our revision period. But in this situation it’s also cancelled. So please sir postpone our exam /or give RESULTS for us seeing our O/L RESULTS……….
    Sir how will PARENTS send their child to an exam hall consisting of 100+ students in this situation……
    Please give us a good response immediately.(Online studying is not success for all the students sir including me as well)…….

  7. I think it’s really good for all the students because the government too should think about our age and all. Related to other countries Advanced Level students in our countries are high in their age(19 yrs). So if exam is postponed it will be late for higher studies and even it will affect on our future job too. So i think the best solution is to hold the exam as possible in the given schedule. Thank you.

  8. Ane please sir lamai gana chuttak hitanna.sir api loku manasika pidanayaka inne .music vage practical subject karana lamai mokada karanne.godaak duppath lamainge ekama hine palavenipara exam godadaganna eka.deparak karanna apita salli na sir.apita sir sapthamber valata kalgiyot ati.gedara idala hamadema igenaganna amarui.samahara subject cover na.atthatama api kohomada mehema exam ekakata muhuna denne.ane sir ape ahinsaka balaporottu kadanna epa.ape jeevitha jayaganna apita tiyena ekama bala porottuva bidinna epa.sadarana vana lesa bagapathva illasitinava.

  9. Please postpone advanced level examination ,sir as not yet the three subjects covered in all subject streams.
    Also sir it’s good to tell the postponed day( not 7th september ) without taking more time as many students are facing some what severe stress causing this matter.


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