2020 A/L Exam will be held from October 12 to November 6. Students can get NEW Syllabus time table Here and Old Syllabus Time Table Here. All tuition classes and seminars related to 2020 A/L exam prohibited from midnight on October 06.

2020 A/L Exam is postponed. A/L exam will be held from September 7 to October 2. The relevant time table has NOT yet published and timetable will be released soon to examination department official website. Download the A/L exam time table ONLY from examination department official website. www.doenets.lk

A Fake / false Advanced Level A/L Time Table is circulating on social media and the examinations department is to take action against the spread of fake Time Table.

“There is no truth to the document claimed to be this year’s GCE Advanced Level Examination time table, that is circulating on social media,” said Sanath B. Pujitha – Commissioner of Examinations.

Sri Lanka Examinations Commissioner requested the general public including students to act responsibly and only trust the official announcements issued by the Education Ministry and the Examination Department. Examination Department says that 364,761 students will sit for the examination this year which has been scheduled for August. Relevant timetable will be released to official website of Examination Department later.

Exams commissioner says a reasonable decision will be made considering 2020 advanced level exams 2020 A/L Exam, as schools remained closed due to coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

“The authorities together with the Ministry of Education will make a decision that is fair by the students,” Sanath Pujitha, the commissioner general of examinations said during a programme aired on Sirasa TV.

When is the 2020 A/L Examination ?

Examinations Department will depend on the advice of the Health Ministry and the Task Forces, in their decision to hold or postpone exams. A series of meeting will be held coming days to take the decision.

“Lanka Education” kindly requesting students NOT to panic over social media news. Government will take a fair decision which will satisfied you all. Hence Stay till official media channel publish the news. Stay at Home – Do your studies well as usual. Good Luck !



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