Update – Government considering to postpone A/L Exam again. Sri Lanka Education minister Dullas Alahapperuma has advised officials to explore whether there is a need to postpone the Advanced Level examination.

Minister told a meeting that a group of students had requested him to postpone the A/L exam, which is scheduled on September 7. Students have requested to postpone exam at least by three weeks. Earlier Minister said 2020 A/L Exam will be held from September 7 to October 2.

Meanwhile issuing a statement Education Ministry says final decision on the date of the examination will be decided July first week soon after schools reopen.

“I spoke to the education secretary and asked him to inquire whether the time is not enough for students to prepare for the exams,” the minister said.


2020 A/L Exam is postponed. A/L exam will be held from September 7 to October 2. The relevant time table has NOT yet published and timetable will be released soon to examination department official website. Download the A/L exam time table ONLY from examination department official website. www.doenets.lk


Sri Lanka’s exams commissioner says a reasonable decision will be made considering 2020 advanced level exams 2020 A/L Exam, as schools remained closed due to coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Sri Lanka’s exams commissioner says a reasonable decision will be made considering 2020 advanced level exams 2020 A/L Exam, as schools remained closed due to coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

“The authorities together with the Ministry of Education will make a decision that is fair by the students,” Sanath Pujitha, the commissioner general of examinations said during a programme aired on Sirasa TV.

The exams commissioner stressed that schools will require more time to complete the syllabus if they cannot re-open by May or June.

“A fair examination can only be conducted if these criteria are met,” he said.

What happens to 2020 A/L Exam and A/L Students ?

• Hold the exam on August ?
• Hold the exam with covered syllabus on August ?
• Postpone the exam date ?

When is the 2020 A/L Examination ?

Examinations Department will depend on the advice of the Health Ministry and the Task Forces, in their decision to hold or postpone exams. A series of meeting will be held coming days to take the decision.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Minister of Education Dullas Alahapperuma stated that the children who are to face examinations in the future, will not be subjected to any disadvantage in any way due to the covid 19 epidemic. He made this observation on the “Rata saha Heta” programme telecast Hiru TV.

Examination Department says that 364,761 students will sit for the examination this year which has been scheduled for August. Relevant timetable will be released to official website of Examination Department later.

All schools and universities have remained closed as part of efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Examination department will seek advice from health authorities with regard to hold the exam.

Officials says still decision has not taken to postpone A/L Exam and Grade five scholarship exam. Social Media and several newspapers reported that A/L Exam and grade 5 scholarship examination will be postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Doubts had been cast over the conduct of the grade five scholarship examinations on schedule due to the current situation. Educational authorities had to seek advice from the health authorities, an Education Ministry official said.

“Lanka Education” kindly requesting students NOT to panic over social media news. Government will take a fair decision which will satisfied you all. Hence Stay till official media channel publish the news. Stay at Home – Do your studies well as usual. Good Luck !


  1. dear sir,
    We as students who study for A/Ls need a decision to be satisfied because we need to cover the syllabus…even though we study at home there are difficult things which matter the most that we need to ask a teacher about those subject matters…so please ….
    we hope all the educational ministers will understand the situation of the students…
    and we also politely ask to postpone the exam even till November which the ministers decided to held this on september 7 .
    thank you sir.


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