Graduates whose names were rejected in government program to provide jobs can appeal to nearest Divisional Secretariats (DS Office) before September 15. The cabinet August 19 gave approval to grant employment for another 10,000 graduates. The government has already decided to give jobs for 50,000 graduates. Recently government recruited 50,000 graduates. President meets with unemployed graduates opposite the Presidential Secretariat and says the Cabinet of Ministers approved to recruit an additional 10,000 graduates.

Cabinet approval was granted August 19 to provide employment to 10,000 more graduates under the programme formulated by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to employ unemployed graduates.

The programme to provide employment to unemployed graduates that was suspended due to the General Glection re-commenced. Under this programme 50,000 unemployed graduates received jobs. With the decision of the Cabinet another 10,000 will be joining them.

A group of unemployed graduates who did not receive appointments staged a protest near the Presidential Secretariat today. The President, who is on his way after the Cabinet meeting, parked his vehicle near the protesters and told them that all the graduates would be given jobs.

“Go home now. Today we decided to give jobs to another 10,000 more,’’ the President told them.

Selected full list of 50,000 graduates eligible for employment published HERE – FULL NAME LIST RELEASED. Sri Lanka Government to release the selected list of unemployed graduates who gets jobs under 50,000 employment for unemployed university graduates program. Government requests them to report to work from September 2.
Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa decides to re-commence, without delay, the programme to provide employment opportunities to 150,000 persons that was halted due to the General Election.

The programme to provide employment to 100,000 poorest of the poor will be implemented by the Task Force established solely for this purpose from 02nd, September.

The number of unemployed university graduates to be recruited is 50,000. For the remaining 100,000 jobs, candidates will be selected from families of the lowest strata of income earners in the society.

The programme to employ 50,000 graduates and 100,000 low-income earners was formulated within weeks after President Rajapaksa assuming office in November 2019.

Shortlisting suitable candidates from applications received from graduates commenced in the first week of February. A Multi-Purpose Development Task Force was established to recruit 100,000 low-income earners. The objective of the programme is to transform Sri Lanka into a country free from poverty as per the “Saubhagyaye Dekma” policy statement of the President.

Chairman of the Election Commission directed to suspend the program to offer jobs for 150,000 unemployed persons following the announcement of the General Election 2020. Accordingly, the programme was suspended. Immediately after the conclusion of the General election on the 5th of August, President Rajapaksa took measures to establish the executive of the Government adhering to the provisions given in the Chapter VIII of the Constitution.

The Prime Minister of the new government took oaths on Sunday, the 9th of August. The Secretary to the Prime Minister was appointed on the following day. A week after the election on August 12, both Cabinet ministers and state ministers were sworn in. Secretaries to the Ministries were appointed on the following day (August 13). The inaugural parliamentary session will ceremonially commence on the next Thursday (20). Following the formal establishment of the administration, the President has decided to implement the programme of providing 150,000 employment opportunities without any delay.

Selected full list of university graduates eligible for employment will be released to the official website of the Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government on August 17. The Website is Download the name list.



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